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Helping maintain the safest possible working and learning environment at NC State is as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email. Since 1992, the university's Safety Hotline has offered members of the NC State community the opportunity to easily report safety concerns, complaints or suggestions. The program, overseen by the Environmental Health & Safety, even allows faculty, staff, and students to remain anonymous when voicing their concerns. 

Your Hotline concerns can be reported any time by calling 515-5445.

For additional assistance, call John Turek at 515-6871 or send an E-mail to

Emergencies should always be directed to the NC State University Police Communications Officer at 911.

All submissions to the Safety Hotline are thoroughly investigated by the appropriate department. Below is a listing of all cases logged since January 2002.

Case ID
Date Submitted
Site / Location
912294 10/6/2011 Between Riddick and Mann Hall There are a few missing bricks at the top of the steps between Riddick and Mann. These could easily cause someone to fall and I am especially concerned about students on campus who use that route.concerned about students on campus who use that route. Facilities Work Request Submitted - 12-24132 Closed / Completed
912293 10/5/2011 D.H. Hill Library Steps that access Hillsborough Street There are a series of bricks that are loose in multiple places on the staircase. Facilities Work Request Submitted Work request completed COMPLETED - CLOSED
912292 9/16/2011 Crosswalk button at the corner of Gorman St. and Western Blvd. The crosswalk button does not work. Is it possible for the University to help fix this? Request submitted to Transportation. City of Raleigh was contacted about the condition. Closed / Completed
912291 7/14/2011 Turlington Hall Ballard - exposed electrical wires Facilities work request submitted Completed and Closed
912290 2/17/2011 Biltmore Parking Area Traffic flow in the parking lot behind Biltmore/Jordan complex typically drives well over the posted speed limit (10 mph). There was a suggestion to install speed bumps to get drivers to slow down. There are no sidewalks for pedestrians in that area and especially during class changes it can be quite dangerous for them to walk when cars are coming through too quickly. Department requested to submit Facilities Work Request to install a speed bump in the area of question. Campus Police have been alerted to provide speed limit enforcement. Closed / Completed
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